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Identity Theft Protection

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GRU Works to Protect Customers from Theft and Fraud

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is the fastest growing and most financially devastating crime in the U.S. It occurs when someone uses your personal information (name, social security number, driver's license number, etc.) without your permission.

Thieves can use this information to open a new account, add to an existing account or conduct many other fraudulent transactions. Identity theft can damage your credit rating and cause substantial harm to you and to GRU.

What is GRU doing to protect you?

GRU takes several measures to protect customers from theft and fraud, including:

  • Performing a credit check for all new accounts to validate information such as date of birth, name and social security number and to see if customers have placed a fraud alert on their credit reports
  • Developing an alert system for "red flag" activities that indicate the possible risk of identity theft
  • Providing customers who are at risk for identity theft with the option to place a hold on their account and require additional verification when making changes to their account. If you are at risk of identity theft or have previously had your information stolen, please contact Customer Service at 352-334-3434 to inquire about setting up additional protections on your account. 

GRU is committed to doing everything possible to protect customers from identity theft and fraud and maintaining compliance with federal requirements, such as the Fair and Accurate Transactions Act of 2003

 Visit the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft website for more information.

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