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Partnering Contractor Programs

Work With GRU ยป Partnering Contractor Programs

Grow Your Business with GRU

Our Partnering Contractor Program offers local companies opportunities to expand their customer base. GRU Partnering Contractors enter into signed agreements with us to promote energy- or water-efficiency rebates. Contact GRU's Energy and Business Services Department at 352-393-1460 or email us at partnerwithleep@gru.com to learn more.


“It’s amazing. We gain customers from participating in the LEEP program. We’ve also gotten extra work from clients who are happy with our previous work. It’s forming lifelong customers for us and we are very thankful for the opportunity. This is by far one of our biggest accounts.”

-- Brittney Kenney, office manager for King’s Heating & Air

Low-Income Energy-Efficiency Program (LEEPplus) has expanded its efforts and is seeking more qualified contractors!

  • Insulation Contractors

  • Electricians

  • HVAC

  • Mechanical Contractors

  • Plumbers


  • Placement on GRU's approved contractors lists
  • Opportunity to respond to leads generated from GRU campaigns
  • Co-operative marketing incentives to assist in contractor's marketing efforts
  • Use of GRU Partnering Contractor logo or ENERGY STAR® logo
  • Specialized training, certification and accreditation opportunities
  • Opportunity to develop partnerships with contractors from different trades
  • Potential to participate in other GRU pilot initiatives and public events
  • Partnership announcements during GRU speaking opportunities
  • Workshops with GRU for updates and feedback
  • GRU brochures and materials to promote use of energy-efficient equipment and maintenance
  • Access to "Wrightsoft Right J8" software at no charge with Manual J Calculations for central A/C installations (HVAC only)

Here's how it works!

Step 1: Submitting Estimates to GRU

  • The homeowner/renter (customer) contacts GRU LEEPplus Partnering Contractors to schedule an appointment to visit customer's home.
  • Customer must get itemized estimates from Partnering Contractors for all recommended work listed on Certificate of Recommendation.
  • Customer submits copies of estimates to GRU no later than 21 days after receiving Certificate of Recommendation.

Step 2: Getting the Work Done 

  • If approved, GRU will send the customer a voucher(s) that will be valid for the selected Partnering Contractor(s).
  • Customer will schedule repair with Partnering Contractor(s).
  • Work must be completed within 30 days of issuance of the voucher(s).

Step 3: Project Completion

  • After Partnering Contractor(s) completes the repairs to the customer's satisfaction, the customer will sign voucher(s) and give it to the Partnering Contractor(s). Customer should be sure to get necessary warranties from the Partnering Contractor(s).
  • Partnering Contractor(s) will submit voucher(s) to GRU for payment.
  • GRU will schedule visit to customer's home to inspect repairs and confirm installation. If customer does not allow the inspection to be conducted within 30 days of work completion, customer will be responsible for total cost of repairs.
  • GRU will pay Partnering Contractor(s) upon completion of the post-inspection.

Check out the LEEP handbook for our Partnering Contractors here

Note: The in-home training will be conducted by a GRU representative throughout the process. GRU reserves the right to inspect all work

Here's what LEEPplus Partnering Contractors have to say:


“It’s pretty easy to get the proposals out and everything is smooth running. It’s probably one of the easiest accounts I deal with. We do five to 10 LEEP jobs a month. It’s steady work, because of the amount of work that comes through, it’s worth doing.”

-- Virgil Dixon, Sales Rep for Suncoast Insulators & Specialties


“It gives us the opportunity to help people who may not otherwise find it and it’s guaranteed payment.”

-- Brian Minnich, sales manager for Bounds Heating & Air



“I’ve installed at least 150 hot water heaters under the LEEP program. It used to be one or two days a week but now it’s five days a week. It’s been a blessing for me, honestly.”

-- Cyle Dunaway, master plumber for Fletcher Plumbing, Inc.


“It’s easy and GRU pays in a timely manner.” -- Lori Kovens, owner of S.E. Williams Electric