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Reclaimed Water

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Water is Too Precious to Use Only Once

Providing clean, safe drinking water is a top priority for GRU, and it is important to conserve this valued, limited resource wherever possible. That is why GRU reclaims water for use in commercial and residential irrigation.

What is it?

Reclaimed water is wastewater that has been highly treated at GRU’s water reclamation facilities to be clean and safe for irrigation. Where available, the use of reclaimed water reduces the amount of drinking water that is pumped out of the ground, saving that water for future generations. View other common questions about reclaimed water.

Reclaimed Water Projects

GRU supplies reclaimed water for various uses in our community:

Reclaimed water is only available in certain areas of Gainesville. View a map in our Water Reclamation Brochure.

Water is too precious to use only once – GRU reclaims it, and the community reuses it.

Reclaimed Water FAQs