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Common Questions about Reclaimed Water

Our Community » Content » Common Questions about Reclaimed Water

Questions about Reclaimed Water

Ensuring an abundant, safe water supply for the future

Where is it treated?

We treat reclaimed water at the Kanapaha Water Reclamation Facility and the Main Street Water Reclamation Facility.

Is it safe?

Yes. Although our reclaimed water actually meets federal and state drinking water standards, it is not intended to be used for drinking, swimming or showering. Incidental contact – such as being sprayed by a sprinkler – is safe for people and animals.

How is it used

Reclaimed water is used for irrigation, water features, industrial applications and environmental restoration. See local reclaimed water projects.

Excess reclaimed water is discharged back into the lower regions of the Floridan Aquifer. The Kanapaha Plant is one of only two plants in Florida that is permitted to discharge its drinking-water-quality effluent directly into the aquifer.

How does it benefit our environment?

  • It saves our drinking water – a precious, limited resource – by providing a reliable source of irrigation water
  • Small amounts of nutrients in reclaimed water decrease the need to fertilize lawns and landscaping
  • It is used to create aesthetic water features, restore natural areas and recharge the Floridan Aquifer

Can I get it at my home or business?

Reclaimed water is only available in certain areas of Gainesville. View a map in our Water Reclamation Brochure.