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Business Natural Gas Rates

My Business » Manage My Bill » Rates, Deposits & Fees » Business Natural Gas Rates

In order to provide better value for our business natural gas customers, a new optional natural gas rate will be available beginning October 1.

This new rate is only beneficial for business gas customers who consistently use low volumes of natural gas every month. The new rate includes a $15 decrease in the customer charge and a $0.122 increase in the therm charge. Some business customers may save money with this rate. 

Commercial – Small

*New Class



Customer Charge



Therm Charge



Manf. Gas Plant Cost Recovery Factor



Purchased Gas Adjustment



50 Therm Bill




If you would like to take advantage of this rate, please complete the following form or call 352-338-2479.

Please note that customers may only switch between rates once per year. It may take up to seven days for this rate to be reflected on your bill.