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Bill Estimates

Bill Estimates


We work hard to obtain an in-person reading of your electric, gas or water meter each month, but from time to time we must estimate usage using a number of reliable inputs. Please read the frequently asked questions below for more information or contact us at customerservice@gru.com if you have additional questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GRU estimating energy usage for some customers?

Like many throughout the industry, GRU is experiencing staffing shortages. While we are actively hiring new meter readers, the shortage, combined with wet summer weather, is causing delays in our typical process. Until we are fully staffed, we are estimating usage on certain routes each month to avoid further delays.

What are the estimates based on?

Your consumption for the billing period is estimated using a standardized method derived from several usage factors. This automated process makes the estimate as fair and accurate as possible.

The following factors are included in the estimation calculation:

  • The amount used during the preceding billing period
  • The amount used the previous year during the same billing period
  • The amount used the previous year during the preceding billing period
  • A factor that adjusts the estimate based on the average system-wide usage daily trend

Has GRU estimated usage before?

Yes, GRU estimates individual customer usage from time to time for various reasons, ranging from a locked gate denying us access to read the meter to a loose dog. At times, we have also estimated meters following hurricanes if the storm results in unsafe conditions.

What happens if the estimate is higher or lower than my actual usage?

When your meter is read after an estimate, our system automatically corrects any difference between the prior estimation and your actual usage. If our estimate was too low (meaning your usage was more than we estimated), the difference between the estimated usage and your actual usage will be added to your next bill.

Are you estimating every meter in the system every month?

No, we are estimating the usage on just enough meters to allow our staff to stay on a regular schedule.

Have you been doing anything else to address this issue?

Yes, our meter readers have been working overtime and on weekends to make sure meters are read on a regular schedule. Additionally, employees with experience reading meters but who have moved into other positions at the utility have been reading meters while we’re shorthanded.

How do I know if my usage was estimated?

You can tell if your usage has been estimated by looking on the back of your bill. Under Meter Read Type, it will say either ACTUAL or ESTIMATE. Learn more about your residential bill here.

Do you have a long-term solution for this?

Yes, GRU will be installing digital meters over the next few years. These meters read usage remotely, so they don’t require an in-person read. You can find out more about our meter upgrade project at GRUMeterUpgrade.com.

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