Save Energy

Information and tools to lower your bill

Home Energy Calculator

Answer some questions about your home and daily activities for a comprehensive breakdown of your energy use. This tool will also help you identify possible savings.

Energy-Savings Tips

Seasonal ideas to help you save energy and lower your bill.

Resources for Renters

Get ideas to lower your current utility bill or tips for selecting your next rental property.

Home Surveys

Request a free home survey and our trained staff will inspect your home to identify ways you can reduce your energy and water use.

Duct Testing

Learn more about your duct system and its condition with a detailed report and analysis from the energy experts at GRU.

Rebates and Incentives

Thinking about making some energy-efficient home improvements? You may be able to save money with our residential rebate and incentive programs.

Kill-a-Watt Meters

Learn which electronics are using the most energy in your home with meters available at local libraries.

Estimating Your Electric Bill

Use this worksheet to estimate how much your home appliances and electronics cost to operate.

Resources for Kids

Learn about energy and water conservation with these fun, interactive activities.