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Leak Detection

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Don't Be a Drip...Find and Fix Leaks

Your water meter can be a valuable partner when it comes to leak detection. Once the obvious, visible leaks have been repaired, hidden leaks can be uncovered by watching the water meter dial when all water has been turned off. GRU meters can be read to tenths of a gallon. Simply watch the triangle or the large sweeping hand on the meter's face. A movement of one-tenth of a gallon every five minutes means that you are losing 868 gallons a month. Check out how much that leak could be costing you on our Save Water, Fix Leaks sheet.

  • Look around for extra green or soggy grass patches.
  • Inspect faucet and hose connections.
  • Have in-ground irrigation systems inspected annually.
  • Look for stained carpet, flooring or walls.
  • Inspect water closets daily, including sloan valves, floats and ballcocks.
  • Inspect faucet connections.
  • Pay close attention to water pressure levels for any fluctuations.
Residential Leak Adjustment 

Under limited situations, GRU may adjust the rate charged for water and/or sewer for a billing period where you experienced a leak at your service address.

If you recently repaired a leak, please complete this form for an adjustment review. 

Request for an adjustment consideration must be made within 90 days of the billing period in question and include:

  • The type of leak
  • Date leak started  
  • Repair Date 
  • Proof of repair (plumber statement or receipt for repair supplies)

Please contact Customer Service at (352) 334-3434 for further assistance. If you are a business customer needing assistance, visit our Business Leak Adjustment page.