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Residential Deposits and Activation Charges

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Fees for new electric, gas, water and wastewater services

The charges below are for new residential accounts or new services added to existing accounts. Please review the Residential Delinquent Account Charges for fees related to reconnecting services that have been disconnected for non-payment.

Residential Deposits

Deposit requirements are based upon your payment record. Enrolling in GRU’s automatic payment service* or a letter of credit from your previous utility provider showing an excellent payment record for the previous 24 months may waive your deposit. If a deposit is required, it can be billed in three monthly installments.

Service Deposit
Electric $145
Gas $50
Water $35
Wastewater $40

* Customers who cancel enrollment in GRU's automatic payment service within 24 months of signing up will be assessed the full deposit amount.

Deposit Refunds

Deposits are applied to an account after two years of satisfactory payments, or if service is stopped before your full deposit is returned, the deposit will be applied to your final bill, and any difference will be refunded to you. If customers have other accounts with GRU, their deposit may be transferred. Interest is paid monthly on deposits.

Residential Activation Charges

Service Charge
Electric service $26
Water service
Gas service $44
Garbage collection (refuse) * $11.50 
Combined electric and water service ** $38
Combined electric and gas service ** $55
Combined gas and water service ** $55
Combined electric, water, and gas service ** $74 
Same-day connection (scheduled by phone or in person only) Additional $40
Holiday or weekend connection (scheduled by phone or in person only) Additional $50

* City of Gainesville service

** Services must be activated at the same time for combined rates. 

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Note: The charges listed on these pages are based on Chapter 27 and Appendix A of the City of Gainesville Code of Ordinances, which can be found on Municode.com. If there are differences between information on this page and the ordinance, the ordinance shall prevail. Contact Customer Service for more information.