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Payment FAQ

Payment FAQ

Important Online Payment Information

eBill customers must create a new Online User Profile to continue using this service. If you're not sure how to create a profile, scroll down to the, "How do I create my online profile?" for simple instructions. Thanks! 

Why is GRU redesigning its online payment page and bill?  

GRU has spent months gathering feedback to gauge the convenience of our online payment page and the readability of our bill. We are using that information to create an account management system that makes paying your bill a simple, convenient and informative process from start to finish. We think you'll love our changes and agree they reflect GRU's commitment to world-class customer service!  

When will GRU’s Payment Redesign Project be done?  

The project is split into two phases. In the first phase, we are adding features to our webpage such as Spanish translation, a “payment wallet” where all transactions will take place and scalable design, so the page looks great on all computers and phones. In the second phase, we’ll make online payment even easier by creating one login for all transactions, and we’ll reveal our redesigned bill with colorful charts and more readable fonts. We expect both phases to be complete in the summer of 2021.   

What’s the most important thing for me to know right now?  

The most important thing to know right now is that all customers who pay their bill online, whether through GRU’s online portal or through eBill, must create a new online profile. This will allow you to gain access to our payment wallet, where all transactions are completed. With this new online profile, you will perform all transactions on our secure site, rather than being taken to a third-party site and logging in again. This solves a real pain point for eBill customers.  

When do I have to create a new online profile? 

All online customers must create a new user profile after Dec. 12. Even if you only have an eBill account, you still have to create a new online profile. If this is your first time creating an online account, welcome!  

How do I create my online profile? 

On the login page, just click “Sign up.” 

Macintosh HD:Users:GRU:Downloads:loginpage1.png 

What information do I need to create an online profile?  

To create an online profile, you will need your account number and email address. For your security, “guarded” and non-residential accounts will require an additional verification step. 

What if I don’t create a new online profile? 

If you don’t create a new online profile, you will not be able to manage your account online, sign up for eBill or receive important reminders via email or text. You can still make a payment online using the “Guest Payment” feature, mail in your payment, use a remote payment site, call with a credit card or pay in our lobby.  

Will I still be able to use eBill?  

Yes, once you create a new user profile. And with one sign in, it will be easier than ever!   

Can GRU customers still pay in the lobby, over the phone or at remote locations?  

Yes, GRU customers will still enjoy convenient payment options, including remote payment sites where customers can scan a barcode on their bill for quick and convenient service.  

NEW How can I make a cash payment?

We accept cash payments in our lobby at 301 SE 4th Ave., but you will soon also be able to visit one of our new remote payment locations. If you pay at one of these remote locations, your account will be credited instantly*. GRU customers will soon be able to pay locally at CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar and 7-11. *Payments must be received before 7 p.m. for same-day credit

NEW Can I make a cash payment outside of Gainesville? 

Yes, GRU customers will soon be able to pay with cash at participating retailers across the U.S. and receive instant credit*. Retailers include CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, Family Dollar, 7-11, Speedway and Kum & Go. *Payments must be received before 7 p.m. EST for same-day credit

NEW Can I still pay cash at one of your existing locations? 

Yes, you can still pay cash at one of our existing locations and your account will be instantly credited, but starting soon, those payments will not be instantly credited to your account. That means customers may receive late fees and/or be disconnected for nonpayment while those payments are processed. 

Why doesn’t my bill have a cash payment barcode?

Your first new bill won’t have a barcode, but you can generate one to pay in cash at any of our remote locations. Follow this tutorial to learn how.

What is the new online wallet?  

The new online wallet allows you to store multiple payment methods. Customers can now pay via text and secure pdf or on the web. 

How do I access the online payment page? 

To find our bill payment page, go to gru.com and click on “Pay my Bill.”  

Is the new online payment page ADA compliant? 

Absolutely! We worked with designers to make sure our new page complied with requirements established by the Americans with Disabilities Act.  

Does the new payment system offer text or email notifications?   

Yes, we are so excited to offer this option to GRU customers for the first time! We can now send you important updates about usage, payment deadlines and even storms through email, text or both. You will have the option of opting out of these services.  

How will these changes affect rates or bills? 

None of the improvements we’re making to the bill or the online payment page will impact your rates.  

Will I still receive a paper bill when I sign up for eBill? 

You will no longer receive a printed bill, but you will be able to print it from our online payment page.  

How do I cancel eBill? 

You will be able to manage notification preferences, including how you receive your bill, through the new online portal. In Phase 1, you will still have to manage this through the eBill site, but in Phase 2, you will be able to manage this in the new customer portal.  

What payment methods can I use online?  

You can pay your bill online with a credit or debit card or have the money withdrawn directly from your bank account (bank draft) one time or on a regular cycle. A convenience fee may apply.  

Can I view historical billing online?  

Yes! We will begin storing bills on the portal in May. Eventually, you will be able to view up to 24 months of bills. This is one of the convenient new features of our online payment system.  

Will I be able to view my payment history and payment type?   

Yes, you will be able to see your payment history and the method you used to make your payment.  

Can I allow multiple users on the same account? 

GRU never recommends sharing your online account login information. If someone else needs access to your account they can create their own online profile and add your account number to it. They can then view the bill and make payments from their own secure payment wallet. 

Will I still need to wait until my first bill to manage account information? 

No, you will be able to manage your account as soon as you create a profile.