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Real Estate

Work With GRU ยป Real Estate

GRU Real Estate Mission

To assist property owners, developers, contractors and other governmental entities by clarifying, obtaining and managing GRU land rights.

About GRU Real Estate

The Real Estate Division is responsible for providing real estate services to GRU departments, citizens, developers, engineers, and other governmental agencies. Some of those services include processing all state and county utility permits, departmental surveying and research requests. The Land Right's Coordinators acquire all real property rights needed for the utility through acquisition of fee simple title, easement, or permit and are also responsible for the sale and/or release of property rights that are no longer needed. In addition, the staff review requests for the use of GRU property which may include, among others, ingress/egress, parking, temporary storage and utility extensions. It should be noted that uses that are considered incompatible with GRU uses or facilities may not be approved.

Encroachments & Easements

When property is bought or sold, periodically encroachments on easements are discovered through a survey. Since encroachments create a cloud on the title, property owners can ask GRU to release all or a portion of its interest in the encroached utility easement.

Requesting a Review of Encroachments on Easements

The GRU Real Estate Division established a procedure to review encroachment and release of easements. To request a review of encroachment submit the following to the GRU Real Estate Division:

· Application for Review of Encroachment/Release of Easement 

· Survey showing the encroachment in relation to the affected easement

· Application fee - $300 per easement


Property Owner Responsibilities

Property owners will be required to pay for any utility relocation, abandonment or removal due to an encroachment.

Property owners must provide a legal description prepared by a licensed land surveyor, as needed, to prepare a release of easement.

Using GRU property

We grant a limited number of requests from land owners, adjoining property owners, other governmental agencies and private utility companies to use GRU property on a short-term or long-term basis. Such requests must be compatible with the on-going operations on the property and must be permitted by applicable land-use regulations. The link below provides guidance for requesting to use GRU property, including types of permitted uses, application instructions and fee schedule.

Property Utilization Guide and Application 

Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Real Estate Division by phone at 352-393-1220 or by email: GRU_RealEstate@gru.com