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About New Services

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ePlan Review

New Construction and Development Assistance 

Are you planning a construction or redevelopment project in GRU's service territory? GRU's New Services department can help. New Services serves as a liaison between the construction industry, GRU utility engineering, and GRU's Customer Service department.

New Services Mission

Achieve community development goals and needs by providing guidance, support, and exceptional customer service while maintaining safety and integrity of our utilities.

New Services Vision

Provide solutions that enable and transform the way our customers do business by ensuring consistent service that is transparent, timely, efficient and friendly while staying on the cutting edge of technology.

What We Do

New Services facilitates site and construction permitting as well as the installation of new utility services. Our responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating with developers, engineers, builders and City of Gainesville staff for project planning and review.
  • Issuing Utility Construction Permits (UCPs) once all impacted utilities have approved the project.
  • Issuing service orders for new installations once all inspections are passed.
  • Assisting property owners who want to abandon a well, add a separate irrigation meter, add natural gas service, etc.

Schedule a Project Meeting

If you're planning a development in the City of Gainesville, GRU requires a project meeting prior to submitting plans for review. To request a project meeting, please email newservices@gru.com with the following information:

  • Name
  • Contact phone number
  • Project name
  • Project address
  • Parcel number
  • Brief project description
  • Concept or site plan


Required Forms for Plan Review





Contact Us

For more information, please call 352-393-1413 or email newservices@gru.com.