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Water Heating Tips for Businesses

My Business » Content » Water Heating Tips for Businesses

Tips to lower the energy bill for your business

Monitoring water heater use and settings can save you money.

Select and Maintain the System Properly
  • Consider upgrading to a more energy-efficient unit. Look for the yellow "Energy Guide" label when purchasing a new hot water heater.
  • Consider an insulation jacket for older model hot water heaters.
  • Insulate exposed copper hot water pipes with foam pipe insulation.
  • Replace rusty and corroded pipes.
Choose the Right Temperature

Using minimum water heater settings reduces the energy demand of the hot water tank and of the excessive heat given off by the water heater that must be removed by air-conditioning.

GRU recommends a setting of 120 degrees for domestic hot water heaters. If dishwashers have pre-heaters or boosters, you may be able to reduce tank settings from 140-150 degrees to 120 degrees.

Reduce Hot Water Use

Hot water to bathrooms may be disconnected or turned off at the lavatories, since most customers do not require available hot water for hand washing.

Only turn off the water heater if you will be gone for two or more days