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If you are an excavation company GRU needs your help to prevent pipeline emergencies. The current gas distribution system extends over 700 miles and is part of an underground energy highway that extends over two million miles nationwide.

As an Excavator what can I do to prevent emergencies?

Call 811 before you dig to avoid serious accidents and injuries. Be prepared to wait two business days before digging. If your dig site is underwater, you must wait 10 business days. For added convenience the Sunshine State One Call now has Internet Ticket Entry 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Another way to help is by respecting all utility markers and always digging with care. Hand dig when you are working within two feet on either side of any marked lines. Our temporary gas markings will consist of high visibility yellow paint and/or flags.

What do I do if I accidently disturb a pipeline?

If you damage the coating on any steel gas lines, please call us for repairs. Any break in this protective coating can eventually lead to a gas leak. If, while excavating, you do cut a gas line, follow these general guidelines:

  1. Turn off all equipment
  2. Do not touch or attempt to bend over damaged line
  3. Stay back from the excavation and keep others away
  4. No smoking, no cell phones or running vehicles near the area
  5. Call GRU’s 24-hour emergency number at 352-334-2550