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Tree and Vegetation Maintenance

Storm Central » Content » Tree and Vegetation Maintenance

Preparing for an approaching storm

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Vegetation surrounding homes and businesses can become very dangerous during severe weather.

Trees Near Main Power Lines

GRU continually takes precautions against power outages by regularly trimming trees growing near main, high-voltage power lines – lines that do not directly connect to your home or business. If you see trees that are endangering lines, submit a request for tree trimming and removal.

Trees Near Lines Connected to Homes or Businesses

Electrical lines that connect to homes or businesses are called service drops and are low-voltage lines (120 or 240 volts). Property owners are responsible for maintaining limbs that are above but not interfering with the service drop as well as dead trees adjacent to service drops.

To help prevent vegetation from disrupting electric service:
  • Inspect trees before hurricane season. Look for big, rotten spots or holes on the tree trunk and broken or damaged limbs that could potentially fall.
  • Consider hiring an insured, tree-care specialist who can perform a professional consultation and develop a plan to secure vegetation for the hurricane season.

GRU offers free disconnect service for property owners or tree companies working near service drops. Call 352-393-1551 for more information.

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