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Securing Your Utilities

Storm Central » Content » Securing Your Utilities

Gearing Up for an Approaching Storm

Storm Central Numbers
  • Power Outages/Downed Power Lines
  • Natural Gas Emergencies
  • Water/Wastewater Emergencies
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    GATOR NETSM & GRU.Net 352-334-3000
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GRU works diligently to maintain the reliability of your electric, water and natural gas utilities. Unfortunately, service outages may be inevitable during a major storm. Here are some tips for securing your home or business as a storm approaches.


  • Turn off or disconnect all outside electric appliances, such as pool pumps.
  • Prepare to operate your portable generator safely.
  • If you plan to evacuate, turn off the main switch on your circuit breaker panel. Do not remove your electric meter.

Natural Gas

  • Gas service should be left on at the meter to maintain pressure in the gas piping within the house.
  • If you evacuate, do not turn off your gas meter.
  • If you do not want to continue gas service, turn the gas off at each appliance. You can relight your appliances after the storm has passed.


  • Store an adequate supply of bottled water to meet the drinking water needs of your family.
  • Fill your bathtubs with water to be used for flushing toilets if water service is interrupted.