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Vegetation Management

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Demonstrating environmental stewardship while maintaining reliable utility service

Properly planted trees clean the air, reduce noise levels and help save electricity by providing shade. Trees planted in the wrong location can create safety hazards or cause service outages.

We trim or remove trees near electric lines to:

  • Protect people from accidental contact
  • Prevent power outages and voltage fluctuations

Tree Trimming and Removal

Property owners should never attempt to trim trees around electrical wires. GRU contracts all routine tree trimming maintenance activities with nationally recognized, utility tree-trimming contractors who are certified under OSHA regulations to work within 10 feet of energized electrical wires. Private commercial tree care companies are not OSHA certified to be within 10 feet of an energized electrical conductor over 700 volts.

Trimming Notification

We will try to contact you before trimming trees on your property. Our foresters will place a green door hanger on your door with instructions and phone numbers. If you have questions or concerns, you should contact the forester within five days of receiving the door hanger.

Managing Rights-of-way

We participate in Project Habitat. This program encourages utility companies to manage their rights-of-way – land we use to transmit electricity and other services to customers – in a wildlife friendly way.

The goal is to preserve and enhance wildlife habitat by:

  • Removing only trees or vegetation that may cause power interruptions or personal injury
  • Preserving natural low-growing species

Pruning Practices 

GRU employs trimming standards as set forth by the American National Standards Institute and adopted by the International Society of Arboriculture, the National Arbor Day Foundation and the National Arborist Association. 

Awards and Recognition 

We have received numerous awards and recognition for our continued efforts.

  • Best Rights-of-Way (BASF)
  • Lines of Distinction (Dow Agro Sciences)
  • Treeline USA (National Arbor Day Foundation)
  • Treepower and Golden Tree Awards (American Public Power Association)