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Solar FIT

About GRU » Content » Solar FIT

Program suspended

Customers selected for the Solar Feed-in-tariff (FIT) Program invest in their own solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to generate electricity and sell that energy directly to GRU under a 20-year fixed-price contract.

Notice: The Solar FIT program has been suspended. GRU is no longer accepting applications or adding capacity.

Incentive Offer

The 20-year fixed rate is based on the year the project was approved and the type of installation. GRU is no longer accepting new projects or adding capacity.

Category 20-year Fixed Rate* Capacity
(DC peak kilowatts)
Mounting Configuration
Class 1 $0.21/kWh 10 kW or less

10 kW or less
Rooftop or over pavement

Ground mount
Class 2** $0.18/kWh >10 kW to 300 kW

>10 kW to 25 kW
Rooftop or over pavement

Ground mount
Class 3*** $0.15/kWh >25 kW to 1,000 kW Ground mount
* For projects approved and installed in 2013.
** Minimum capacity requirements do not apply for Class 2 projects if a Class 1 system is already installed on the parcel.
*** GRU did not accept Class 3 projects in 2013.

Program Capacity

GRU is no longer adding capacity to the Solar FIT program. Previously, the program was limited to a total capacity of 4 additional megawatts (MW) per calendar year. Of the 4 MW:

  • Ground-mounted systems: Combined capacity of all systems cannot exceed 1 MW each year.
  • Parcel restrictions: Limit of 300 kW of roof- or pavement-mounted systems per parcel per year. Also, each parcel can have no more than 10 kW of Class 1 systems. Further additions will be deemed Class 2 or 3, depending on mounting locations.


  • Project must lie within GRU’s electric service territory.
  • Project must meet the capacity restrictions and mounting configurations in table above.
  • Approved projects must be completed on time, as outlined in the applicant's executed Solar Energy Purchase Agreement.
  • Any system that has previously received a Solar PV Rebate, entered into a net metering agreement or been financed with a Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Loan from GRU is not eligible.

Program Procedures

The Solar FIT program has been suspended. GRU is no longer accepting applications or adding capacity.