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Infrared Scanning & Inspection

My Business » Products & Services » Infrared Scanning & Inspection

Improve safety, efficiency and maintenance at your facility with the best predictive tools available

Infrared scanning (IR) accurately identifies the presence of abnormal heat in electrical and mechanical systems, which can help predict equipment trouble. Our process gives you a detailed photographic record of any problems detected, so you can take action before breakdowns occur.

Save Money

  • Prevent equipment failures
  • Save on emergency repairs
  • Reduce down time
  • Plan and schedule repairs
  • Improve electrical and mechanical system efficiency

Save Time

  • Identify and prioritize areas needing preventative maintenance
  • Avoid disruption of services by using non-invasive technology
  • Benefit from technology that is faster and more accurate to spot pyrometrics
  • Reduce emergency calls for maintenance crews

Improve Safety

  • Identify fire hazards
  • Reduce risk of catastrophic system failure

For more information on IR scanning or a price quote on the service, please Contact Us.

Check our FAQ's about infrared scanning for more information.