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Downed Trees and Debris Cleanup

Storm Central » Content » Downed Trees and Debris Cleanup

After an Emergency

Storm Central Numbers
  • Power Outages/Downed Power Lines
  • Natural Gas Emergencies
  • Water/Wastewater Emergencies
  • Customer Service
  • Internet Help Desk
    GATOR NETSM & GRU.Net 352-334-3000
  • Call Before You Dig

General Tree and Debris Removal

Property owners are responsible for removing debris and downed trees that are not endangering power lines. For information about debris pick up, call one of the following:

  • Gainesville's Solid Waste Division: 352-334-2330 (Gainesville residents)
  • Alachua County's Waste Collection: 352-338-3233 (County residents)

As part of the post-storm line clearing process, GRU will leave damaged trees, limbs or branches on the property. Customers should organize debris and other storm-damaged materials into piles and make arrangements for removal.

Trees On or Near Main Power Lines

One of GRU's top priorities is to make it safe to restore power by clearing material that is interfering with or damaging electrical equipment. To do this effectively, we remove only the vegetation necessary from high-voltage lines. Customers should hire a professional to clear any trees or branches affecting low-voltage service wires.

Call GRU at 352-334-2871 to report damaged or broken trees and limbs that are endangering or have fallen on power lines.

Customers should not attempt to get close to the line or to remove or trim foliage within 10 feet of a power line.