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Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Spring is Here; Get your Home Ready

Tips from GRU for a healthier and more efficient home

Spring has arrived! It’s a great time to deep-clean your home for that fresh feeling, while also creating a healthier and more energy-efficient environment. Follow these tips to get your home spring-clean!

Wash oven burner pans and the interior with mild detergent. Remove and wash your range
hood filter. Check the door gasket so that it has a tight seal.
Replace warped or leaky toilet flappers. Only flush the 3 P's: Paper, Pee and Poo!
 Water Heater
Check temperature of the water coming from your water heater. 120 degrees is best.
Check the caulk on your windows and consider adding window film to those receiving
direct sunlight.
 Fans and Window A/C Units
Clean ceiling fans, and turn them off when you leave the room. Consider replacing
outdated ceiling fans or window A/C units with newer ENERGY STAR® units.
Clean door gasket with baking soda solution. Unplug unit, clean coils and vacuum around unit. 
Add aerators to your faucet and repair any dripping fixtures.
 A/C Units and Plants
Clear away plants and other items from the condenser unit and drain line of your air conditioner.



For more information, please call our Energy & Business Services Department at (352) 393-1460 or visit gru.com/SaveEnergy for additional resources.