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The Unflushables

Our Community » Content » Maintain Water Quality » The Unflushables

Invading Your Toilet and Pipes 

Don't let The Unflushables take over your bathroom. 

They’re most wanted for clogging pipes and causing overflows in your neighborhood. Help us keep these misfits out of your toilet and in the TRASH where they belong to keep wastewater treatment costs down, sewer lines clear and the environment protected.

Remember to only flush the 3Ps: Paper, Pee and Poo! EVERYTHING else belongs in the TRASH … including “flushable” wipes.

Print our Unflushables Bathroom sign

Most Wanted List 

BOSS FLOSS: Ring Leader & Expert Pipe Tangler 
  • A.K.A. Dental Floss, Flosser T
  • Charges: Inciting sewage spills in the 1st degree, conspiring to clog pipes and sewers
  • Last Seen: Causing a tangled mess in your pipes
  • Quote: "A lil floss does hurt"
  • Proper Disposal: The trash can.
  • Quick Fact: Dental floss is made of nylon or teflon and is not biodegradable, so it will not break down overtime. If you floss daily (which you should), the little pieces of string add up. Dental floss can easily become wrapped around wipes and feminine hygiene products and other floss creating larger blockages. So a little floss could definitely hurt your pipes.
FLO: Unsuspecting member of the Unflushables
  • A.K.A. Feminine products, Maxi Paddington, Tammy Crimson, Rouge Rebel
  • Charges: "Accidental" toilet slaughter in the 1st degree. (It wasn’t accidental. She planned it.) Conspiring to clog pipes and sewers
  • Last Seen: Sneaking around your purse. 
  • Quote: "Time to cause an over-Flo."
  • Proper Disposal: Wrap it in toilet paper and toss it into a lined trash can.
  • Quick Fact: Aunt Flo accounts for about 8 percent of trash found at our wastewater treatment plan
WRECK-IT WIPES: Notorious trouble maker 

  • A.K.A. Baby Wipes, Wet Ones, “Flushable”
  • Charges: 60 counts of Inciting Toilet Overflows in the First Degree, 75 counts of Inciting Slow Draining of Toilets, Showers and Sinks and 120 counts of Conspiring to Clog Pipes and Sewers
  • Last Seen: Ruining toilets since the 1950s (Career offender); stealing toilet paper’s identity
  • Quote: "I’m ready to cause a wreck!"
  • Proper Disposal: The trashcan
  • Quick Fact: Over ½ of our wastewater overflows are caused by improper disposal of wipes. ALL wipes should be placed in the trash and not the toilet, including flushable wipes, cleaning wipes, make-up wipes, feminine hygiene wipes, and baby wipes.
    P. Towels: Bounty Clogger and Jr. Rebel 

    • A.K.A. The Bounty Clogger, The Quicker Toilet Stopper
    • Charges: Assault on your pipes in the 2nd degree, conspiring to clog pipes and sewers
    • Last Seen: Causing mayhem with Wreck it Wipes
    • Quote: “Don't let me tangle your pipes.”
    • Proper Disposal: Your kitchen or bathroom trash can!
    • Quick Fact: Tangled P. Towels and his friends (other unidentified surface wipes) account for a whopping 92 percent of material found in sewer blockages. These guys really cause a mess!
    • A.K.A. The Hazardous Holdupper, Oldest Member of the Unflushables 
    • Charges: Contaminating your water ways
    • Last Seen: Conspiring to be flushed 
    • Quote: “Don't flush me! Dispose of me properly.”
    • Proper Disposal: Medicine take-back locations found on Alachua County’s website 
    • Quick Fact: Sending Marty to the toilet or household trash can be a danger to the environment as well as pets and children.

    • A.K.A. The Wrong Poo to Flush, Diaper Disaster Artist
    • Charges: Clogging your pipes
    • Last Seen: Trying to find a way out of the sewers
    • Quote: “Just because I can be flushed, doesn't mean I should!”
    • Proper Disposal: Keeping a trash can near the toilet can help discourage flushing of dirty diapers
    • Quick Fact: Just because he fits, does not mean he should be flushed!

    Say hello to all of these bathroom villains; The Unflushables!