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Winter Energy Tips

My Home ยป Winter Energy Tips

Comfy at 68°

Studies have shown that gradually lowering your thermostat from 72° to 68° has little impact on your comfort but can make a big difference in your monthly utility charges since every degree adds between 1 and 3% to your electric bill.  

Clothes and blankets can also can make a huge difference. A sweatshirt can keep you 4° warmer, and a thick blanket is equivalent to between 10 and 15°! That means you can set your thermostat even lower when sleeping, and then gradually increase the temperature in the morning. 

Here are a few more cold-weather tips:

  • Raise your thermostat one or two degrees at a time to avoid activating expensive emergency heat strips.
  • Lower your thermostat when leaving home for 8 hours or more.
  • Weather strip doors and caulk windows
  • Check your air filter monthly and change when needed.
  • Open curtains during the day to let sunlight in and then close them at night.
  • Keep your fireplace damper closed when not in use.
  • Set the temperature on your hot water heater to 120°.

About our models: Steve and Jenn are longtime GRU employees in the Water/Wastewater Department. They are seen here bundled up with younger  daughter Ella.