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Energy and Water Surveys

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Discover ways to save money at home
Free home energy and water survey

Many factors influence the amount of water and energy you use, including the age and condition of your appliances and your regular household activities.

Conducting an energy and water survey is the first and most effective step you can take to lower your utility bill and improve the comfort of your home. You can determine appliance-specific energy use by borrowing a handheld energy meter from your local library.

Home Energy Calculator

Answer some questions about your home and daily activities for a comprehensive breakdown of your energy use. This tool will also help you identify possible savings.

On-Site Home Survey

At your request, our trained staff will inspect your home and its equipment at no charge. A GRU conservation analyst will check your home's windows, doors, ductwork, insulation, appliances and other equipment, and will offer customized tips for making your home more efficient.

Surveys take between 30 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the size of the home. Homeowners must be present for the duration of the inspection.

To schedule a free home energy and water survey, please call our Energy and Business Services Department at 352-393-1460 during regular business hours. Please note: Due to high demand, our survey schedules may fill up quickly.