Low-income Energy Efficiency Program (LEEP)

Free home improvements available


GRU's Low-income Energy Efficiency Program assists low-income customers with home improvements that can lower their electric bill, improve comfort and reduce energy use. Eligible participants will work with GRU to determine the improvements that best suit their home, which may include:

  • Replacing central air conditioning and heating systems
  • Servicing central air conditioning systems
  • Replacing room air conditioners with high-efficiency units
  • Repairing leaky ducts
  • Installing additional insulation
  • Replacing the water heater
  • Installing a programmable thermostat
  • Weather stripping and caulking of doors and windows
  • Providing up to 10 compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs)

Program Offer

Program provides, on average, $3,200 of approved upgrades to the home. Rebate will be provided directly to the GRU LEEP Partnering Contractor rather than the customer.


  • Must be a GRU residential electric customer.
  • Customer must own and live in the home.
  • Only single-family dwellings built prior to 1993 or mobile homes are eligible.
  • Customer may receive assistance from this program only once.
  • Customer must show proof that he or she meets current HUD Low-income Guidelines. Contact a federal, state or local assistance agency, such as, but not limited to:
    • Alachua County Housing Authority -- 352-372-2549
    • Central Florida Community Action Agency -- 352-373-7667 (by appointment)
  • Customer must use a GRU LEEP Partnering Contractor.
  • Customer must participate in an in-home training, which includes an energy-efficiency walk-through survey.
  • Efficiency measures may be deferred if structural components need to be addressed first.
  • Location of repairs must be safe, clean and well-maintained by homeowners at all times.
  • GRU will schedule a visit to customer's home to inspect repairs and confirm installation of CFLs. If customer does not allow the inspection to be conducted within 30 days of work completion, customer will be responsible for total cost of repairs.
  • All improvements are subject to approval by GRU and contingent upon fund availability.

Note: A customer may meet the eligibility requirements for this program but still not qualify if the home does not need certain improvements. This will be determined when GRU performs the pre-repair home inspection.

How to Apply

Step 1: Submit a LEEP Application
  • Complete and submit a Low-income Energy Efficiency Program Application to GRU. The income portion of the application must be verified by a federal, state or local assistance agency.
    • Income-verification representatives will be available during GRU's LEEP Sign-up Days on May 16 and May 18.
Step 2: Obtain a Home Survey and Certificate of Recommendation
  • If customer is eligible, a GRU representative will contact customer to schedule an in-home training and a pre-repair home inspection.
  • GRU will complete a pre-repair home inspection and provide customer with:
  • Customer has 30 days after receiving the Certificate of Recommendation to submit itemized estimates to GRU.
Step 3: Submit Estimates to GRU
  • Contact GRU LEEP Partnering Contractor(s) to schedule appointment to visit customer's home.
  • Customer must receive itemized estimates for all recommended work listed on Certificate of Recommendation.
  • Submit copies of estimates to GRU no later than 30 days after receiving Certificate of Recommendation.
Step 4: Have Work Done
  • If approved, GRU will send customer voucher(s) that will be valid for the selected contractor(s).
  • Customer will schedule repairs with contractor(s).
  • Work must be completed within 30 days of issuance of voucher(s).
Step 5: Complete the Project
  • After contractor completes repairs to customer's satisfaction, customer will sign voucher(s) and give it to the contractor(s). Customer should be sure to get necessary warranties from the contractor(s).
  • Contractor(s) will submit voucher(s) to GRU for payment.
  • GRU will schedule a visit to customer's home to inspect repairs and confirm installation of CFLs. If customer does not allow the inspection to be conducted within 30 days of work completion, customer will be responsible for total cost of repairs.
  • GRU will pay contractor(s) upon completion of the post-inspection.

Note: The in-home training will be conducted by a GRU representative throughout the process. GRU reserves the right to inspect all work.

LEEP Sign-up Days

GRU will help customers complete and submit their LEEP applications at the GRU Administration Building on these days:

  • Thursday, May 16, from 7:30 - 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
  • Saturday, May 18, from 8 - 11 a.m.

The following items are required for application processing:

  • Photo identification for each person living in the house
  • Social Security card for each person living in the house
  • Proof of home ownership
  • Proof of any household income for the previous two months


For additional information, please call our Energy & Business Services Department at 352-393-1460.