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Electric Reliability

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We work hard to provide electric reliability that is above the national average

Electric Reliability

Electric reliability measures the consistency of electric service on demand as provided by utility companies to their customers.

Power outages are the principal concern of electric reliability. Power outages occur as the result of bad weather, vegetation, automobile accidents, equipment failures and animals — primarily squirrels.

How GRU Monitors Performance

Most utility companies do not use weather-related performance measures because these events are uncontrollable. However, the average service availability index (ASAI) is used to monitor performance and compare data.

ASAI determines the total time, expressed as a percentage, that electric power is available on demand to customers. The national average for outages including all interruptions was 99.96, and the national average excluding major storms was 99.98. Our percentages are normally above the national average, which means GRU provides reliable electricity service and responds quickly to calls regarding power outages.

If You Experience a Power Outage

  • Please call 334-2871 immediately
  • If you have not pre-registered, answer questions from our interactive voice response system
  • To pre-register, call 334-3434 during regular working hours — then you will need only to call 334-2871 during a storm to have your information recorded automatically
  • After you hang up, your request is automatically sent to a dispatcher
  • The dispatcher sends someone to fix the outage as soon as possible