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Utility Scams

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Don’t Be a Victim to Utility Imposters

There have been a variety of scams targeting utility customers in Florida and many other states. GRU does not contact customers by phone or email to demand personal information or immediate payment through a pre-paid debit card.

If there is any doubt about the authenticity of a call or email appearing to be from GRU, immediately contact GRU's Customer Service Department at 352-334-3400 or verify your account status online. If the communication is deemed fraudulent, please report it to the Gainesville Police Department at 352-955-1818 or to stopfraud.gov.

Report Scams

GRU is working diligently to protect customers. Help us stop scams by reporting scam attempts at gru.com/reportscams.

Common scams include:

  • Callers asking customers to send a pre-paid debit card to pay their bill or to replace equipment.
  • Callers threatening disconnection if payment is not received immediately.
  • Callers targeting small businesses during peak business hours, such as restaurants at lunch time. 

Remember these 5 easy tips...

  1. Beware
  2. Know your options
  3. Get it in writing
  4. Hang up
  5. Report it

Look out for these other common scams: