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Medically Essential Electric Service

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Medically Essential Electric Service

The Florida Public Service Commission specifies utility customers must certify the need for medically essential electric service (MEES). The term "medically essential" means the medical dependence on electrically powered equipment that must be operated continuously or as specified by a physician to avoid the loss of life or immediate hospitalization of the customer or another permanent resident at the residential service address.

Certification of a customer’s electricity needs as medically essential requires the customer to submit a Medically Essential Electric Service application signed by a physician licensed in Florida.

Each MEES certified utility customer is:

  1. responsible for making satisfactory arrangements with GRU to ensure payment for such service;
  2. entitled to a 24-hour notice prior to disconnection for nonpayment; and
  3. solely responsible for any backup equipment or power supply and a planned course of action in the event of a power outage or interruption of service.

MEES certification is good for one year. Customers must reapply annually to keep the certification. MEES only covers electric services. 

Mail MEES certification forms to Customer Service at P.O. Box 147117, Gainesville, Florida 32614-7117. Be sure to include your GRU account number on all correspondence.

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