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Executive Management

About GRU » Our Leaders » Executive Management

GRU Leadership Team



  Tony Cunningham
  General Manager for Utilities


  Walter Banks
  Chief Information Officer 


  Claudia Rasnick
  Chief Financial Officer



Kinn'zon Hutchinson
Chief Customer Officer



  Yvette Carter
  Government Affairs
  and Community Relations Director



  Cheryl McBride
  Chief People Officer



  Dino De Leo
  Energy Supply Officer




  Lewis Walton
  Chief Business Services Officer



  David Warm
  Communications Director


  Tony Carroll
  Acting Energy Delivery Officer

  Debbie Daugherty
  Water/Wastewater Officer

 Eric Walters
 Chief Sustainability Officer


Gainesville Regional Utilities is governed by the Gainesville City Commission, in accordance with the City of Gainesville Charter Laws. As a Charter Officer of the City of Gainesville, the General Manager for Utilities serves at the will of the Commission.

The city's Utility Advisory Board serves as an advisor to the Gainesville City Commission on policy and governance decisions regarding utility services. Formed in 2016, the seven-member board meets at least once a month.

Dino De Leo 
Acting Energy Supply Officer 
Claudia Rasnick, Chief Financial Officer
  Claudia Rasnick
  Chief Financial Officer