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News Releases

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May 30, 2023 GAINESVILLE -Gainesville Regional Utilities is pleased to announce that Gainesville has placed first in its population category in the National Mayor’s Challenge for Water Conservation. 

“This recognition shows how committed Gainesville neighbors are to protecting our water resources and ensuring a sustainable community for the future of Gainesville,” said Gainesville Mayor Harvey Ward. 

The Mayor’s Challenge is an annual competition held across the U.S. to raise awareness about water conservation and encourage citizens’ participation in becoming “water-wise.” Citizens pledge to reduce their energy and water waste and consumption, with the winning city from each population category being the one with the greatest percentage of its population taking the pledge. 

The Wyland Foundation will award hundreds of prizes to participants from each of the winning cities. READ MORE.

The Heat is on: Sign up for a Free Home Survey  

For immediate release - May 23, 2023 GAINESVILLE - If you walk over to your thermostat and set it at 78 degrees or higher this summer, you will have taken the No. 1 step toward lowering your utility bill. “At GRU we promote the cooling setting of 78 degrees or higher during summer months,” says Gainesville Regional Utilities Residential Efficiency Program Coordinator Brandi Shatto. “When outside temperatures exceed 90 degrees, your home will feel nice and cool at 78.” 

“The more your A/C runs, the more electricity it’s using and the more electricity it’s using, the higher your bill could be,” Shatto says.

 As summer approaches, GRU is encouraging customers to take advantage of free home surveys conducted by the utility’s Energy & Business Services Department. These surveys help identify low- to no-cost potential ways to save energy and water throughout the year but can be particularly helpful in the summer. READ MORE.

GRU Committed to Reliable Service

For immediate release - May 15, 2023 GAINESVILLE - With a bill that would create a new independent board to oversee Gainesville Regional Utilities on the governor’s desk, GRU General Manager Tony Cunningham is ensuring customers, employees, vendors and all other partners that a change in governance would not alter the utility’s obligation to deliver safe and reliable services and honor all agreements.  

“Our duty is to provide essential everyday services like electric, water and wastewater treatment at all times, day or night, rain or shine, 24/7/365,” Cunningham says. “Make no mistake, every one of our employees is aware of this and committed to fulfilling this responsibility. That is our sole focus.” READ MORE


Drink Up, Gainesville

For immediate release - May 10, 2023 GAINESVILLE -  In conjunction with Drinking Water Week, the 2022 Water Quality Report is here! Gainesville Regional Utilities (GRU) is proud to serve our community safe and high-quality drinking water. The water that flows through the pipes of our Gainesville community comes from the Floridan aquifer and is treated at the Murphree Water Treatment Plant to ensure its quality and safety. The Murphree Water Treatment Plant provides our Gainesville community with nearly 25 million gallons of water every day, and it operates around the clock. READ MORE

GRU Meter Upgrades Progressing

For immediate release - May 5, 2023 GAINESVILLE - Gainesville Regional Utilities has installed or retrofitted approximately 19,500 electric, water, and gas meters or modules this year as it moves forward with its Meter Upgrade Project. These new units will allow customers to track energy usage and water consumption more effectively.  

As GRU continues to install digital meters, or what’s technically known as Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), here is what you need to know: READ MORE  

GRU Upgrades Transformer

For immediate release - May 1, 2023 GAINESVILLE - GRU and contractors from Rountree Transport & Rigging moved a 114,000-pound transformer into place Monday, May 1, at GRU’s Sugarfoot Substation.  

The transformer, which replaces a 50-year-old model, is part of a seven-year project to upgrade GRU substations with higher-capacity, more efficient units that can accommodate system growth and improve reliability. Transformers “step-down” the power from high-voltage transmission lines to make the electricity safe for homes and businesses. READ MORE 


GRU Lowers Fuel Charge 

For immediate release - March 23, 2023 GAINESVILLE - GRU is reducing its electric fuel adjustment and purchased gas adjustment charges beginning April 1, bringing well-timed relief to customers as summer approaches. A residential electric customer using the industry standard 1,000 kWh will save $15 on their monthly bill. GRU makes no money on fuel charges; these are pass-through costs used to cover the utility’s fuel expenses. READ MORE