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Power Outages

Storm Central » Content » Power Outages

What to Do When the Lights Go Out

  • Power Outages/Downed Power Lines

  • Natural Gas Emergencies

  • Water/Wastewater Emergencies

  • Customer Service

  • Internet Help Desk

    GATOR NETSM 352-334-3000
  • Call Before You Dig


If Your Power Goes Out

  • Place breaker panel switches for major appliances in the OFF position to avoid damage to them when the power is restored.
  • GRU will know if large power lines have been damaged and which service areas are without power. You do not need to report an outage after a storm unless you are the only home in your neighborhood without power.
  • Call 352-334-2871 to report an outage or downed power line. An automated system will record your information and generate a report to have your service restored. GRU will dispatch repair crews as soon as possible.
  • Follow @GRUStormCentral on Twitter for important information related to service outages. (What we tweet)
  • Take safety precautions when operating a portable generator.

Before Reporting an Outage

  • Check all circuit breakers or fuses to help determine if your service outage might be the result of a household problem
  • Call a licensed electrician if you have significant water damage in your home that might make it unsafe for you to receive electricity
  • Inspect the area outside your home near the meter. Call an electrician if the meter box or the piping and wires on the wall are damaged. If no damage is apparent, GRU can assist in determining if you have a household problem. Learn more about responsibility for damaged utilities.

What Causes Power Outages

A number of uncontrollable factors can cause power to be interrupted during a storm:
  • High winds and lightning
  • Trees and vegetation
  • Animals, such as squirrels
  • Human error, such as auto accidents

Subdivisions with underground utilities may be served by overhead lines which are vulnerable to damage. Uprooted trees or other damage sustained to the ground can affect their service too.

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