Solar FIT

Program suspended for 2014

Customers selected for the Solar Feed-in-tariff (FIT) Program invest in their own solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to generate electricity and sell that energy directly to GRU under a 20-year fixed-price contract.

Notice: The Solar FIT program has been suspended. GRU will not accept applications or add capacity in calendar year 2014.

Incentive Offer

The 20-year fixed rate is based on the year the project was approved and the type of installation. GRU will not accept new projects or add capacity in 2014.

Category 20-year Fixed Rate* Capacity
(DC peak kilowatts)
Mounting Configuration
Class 1 $0.21/kWh 10 kW or less

10 kW or less
Rooftop or over pavement

Ground mount
Class 2** $0.18/kWh >10 kW to 300 kW

>10 kW to 25 kW
Rooftop or over pavement

Ground mount
Class 3*** $0.15/kWh >25 kW to 1,000 kW Ground mount
* For projects approved and installed in 2013.
** Minimum capacity requirements do not apply for Class 2 projects if a Class 1 system is already installed on the parcel.
*** GRU did not accept Class 3 projects in 2013.

Program Capacity

The Solar FIT Program is limited to a total capacity of 4 additional megawatts (MW) per calendar year. Of the 4 MW:

  • Ground-mounted systems: Combined capacity of all systems cannot exceed 1 MW each year.
  • Parcel restrictions: Limit of 300 kW of roof- or pavement-mounted systems per parcel per year. Also, each parcel can have no more than 10 kW of Class 1 systems. Further additions will be deemed Class 2 or 3, depending on mounting locations.

GRU will not add any capacity in calendar year 2014.


  • Project must lie within GRU’s electric service territory.
  • Project must meet the capacity restrictions and mounting configurations in table above.
  • Approved projects must be completed on time, as outlined in the applicant's executed Solar Energy Purchase Agreement.
  • Any system that has previously received a Solar PV Rebate, entered into a net metering agreement or been financed with a Low-Interest Energy Efficiency Loan from GRU is not eligible.

Program Procedures

Notice: The Solar FIT program has been suspended. GRU will not accept applications or add capacity in calendar year 2014.

  1. Submit completed application packet with all required documents and payment for all applicable fees and deposits to:

    GRU Administration Building
    Purchasing Department
    301 SE 4th Avenue
    Gainesville, FL 32601

  2. GRU will assign approved applicants capacity, notify them in writing of their acceptance and provide them with contact information for GRU Engineering. Upon notification of acceptance, applicants will have 10 days to submit a completed GRU Vendor Form and W9 tax form. Incomplete application packets or application packets not selected for the available capacity will be returned, along with all fees and deposits.

  3. GRU Engineering must approve the project. Engineering will review the project for compatibility with GRU’s distribution system and identify any distribution system upgrades required. If upgrades are identified, the applicant will receive an invoice listing equipment upgrades and estimated costs.

    Applicants should have the contractor(s) responsible for the technical aspects of the project contact GRU Engineering in a timely manner to discuss the project and schedule site visits. Each project will be allotted up to 8 hours of engineering time, which is ample time for the scope of projects allowed in this program. Any engineering time in excess of 8 hours due to events, including but not limited to, the switching of contractors or project scope changes, will be charged to the applicant at the applicable rate for GRU Engineering.

  4. Sign and execute the Solar Energy Purchase Agreement sand pay any invoiced costs. Construction of the solar system should not begin before the Solar Energy Purchase Agreement is executed. Any construction before then is at the sole risk of the system owner.

  5. Pay for GRU electrical distribution system upgrades required to accommodate the PV system, if any.

  6. Satisfy all applicable permitting, building code, planning and land use requirements.

  7. Pass GRU system audit and be interconnected to the distribution system.

  8. Complete the project by the completion date specified in the Solar Energy Purchase Agreement.

  9. Provide documentation of final system cost and capacity to GRU.