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Utility Bill Troubleshooting

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UPDATE 10.11.17: If September’s bill estimate resulted in your usage crossing into a higher rate tier than normal, you may receive a credit for the difference on your November bill.  

GRU has a two-tier electric billing system for usage.  If your summer bills usually run 850 kWh or less and your bill was estimated during the week of Hurricane Irma, you may be entitled to a credit if the added days of service pushed you past your first-tier usage.  If this was the case, there is no further need to contact us.  You will automatically see a credit for the difference in tiers on your November bill.  If your usage is typically higher than 850 kWh during the summer, you most likely don’t require re-tiering. You will see your total usage adjusted with the October meter read and the days in the billing period will be less than usual. 

Due to Hurricane Irma, GRU estimated about 20,000 September bills based on daily usage from the same period of the previous year. GRU employees, including meter readers, were dedicated to storm restoration efforts resulting in the inability to read customers’ meters. Please see below for more information on why and how utilities may estimate a customer’s bill. If you have any further questions regarding your bill or are having difficulty making payment, please call customer service at 352-334-3434 and a representative will be happy to assist. Thank you. 

Reasons your utility bill might be different than expected

Utility bills can vary considerably depending on the time of year, services used and other factors. Still, a higher-than-expected bill can be surprising. This page will help you identify reasons your bill may have changed and offer ideas to help you save money in the future.

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