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Electric Rate Comparison

My Home » Manage My Bill » Electric Rate Comparison

Type your kWh into the box below to see how your monthly residential electric bill compares to two local utilities before and after the approved electric base rate increase. 

Utility Charges GRU September 2021 GRU October 2021 Duke Energy Florida Clay Electric Cooperative
Customer Charge
Energy Charge, Block 1
Energy Charge, Block 2
Asset Securitization Charge
Fuel Adjustment Charge
Block 1
Fuel Adjustment Charge
Block 2
Storm Cost Recovery Surcharge
Storm Protection Plan Surcharge
Total Pre-Tax Electric Bill 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00
Increase in Bill Amount 0.00
  • GRU bills unbundled components of the energy charge.
  • These include generation, transmission, distribution, and taxable fuel.
  • For some usage levels, there will be rounding differences between the bundled bill calculation and the unbundled bill calculation.
  • See Code of Ordinances, Appendix A for detail of unbundled usage charges.
  • Base rate bill amounts above do not include any taxes or surcharges. (i.e. gross receipts tax, franchise fee, utility tax, surcharge, sales tax)
  • Block 1 for GRU includes usage from 1-850 kWh; Block 1 for Duke and Clay includes usage from 1-1000 kWh
  • Block 2 for GRU includes usage above 850 kWh; Block 2 for Duke and Clay includes usage above 1000 kWh