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Electric Rate Comparison

My Home » Manage My Bill » Electric Rate Comparison

Type your kWh into the box below to see how your monthly residential electric bill compares to two local utilities before and after the approved 2 percent electric base rate increase. 

Utility Charges Current FY2019 Duke Energy Florida Clay Electric Cooperative
Customer Charge $14.25 $14.25 $8.82 $23.00
Energy Charge,
Block 1
0.068 0.0702 0.07132 0.0725
Energy Charge,
Block 2
0.093 0.093 0.08559 0.0913
Asset Securitization Charge na na 0.00259 na
Fuel Charge,
Block 1
0.035 0.035 0.03838 0.0174
Fuel Charge,
Block 2
na na 0.04838 na
Total Pre-Tax Electric Bill $0.00 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Increase in Bill Amount   $0.00    
  • GRU bills unbundled components of the energy charge.
  • These include generation, transmission, distribution, and taxable fuel.
  • For some usage levels, there will be rounding differences between the bundled bill calculation and the unbundled bill calculation.
  • See Code of Ordinances, Appendix A for detail of unbundled usage charges.
  • Base rate bill amounts above do not include any taxes or surcharges. (i.e. gross receipts tax, franchise fee, utility tax, surcharge, sales tax)
  • Block 1 for GRU includes usage from 1-850 kWh; Block 1 for Duke and Clay includes usage from 1-1000 kWh
  • Block 2 for GRU includes usage above 850 kWh; Block 2 for Duke and Clay includes usage above 1000 kWh