GRU Annual Report

General Manager's Letter

When I joined the team at GRU I realized two things. First, we face serious challenges. Second, and most importantly, we can overcome these challenges and become better in the process.

Our customers deserve a strategic vision that includes goals like lower rates, improved efficiency, community involvement, and total accountability. We call this vision "Continuous Improvement."

As we advance this vision, we are actively investigating and discovering new ways to mitigate our high electric rates. From August through November 2015 we were able to stop purchasing power from the Gainesville Renewable Energy Center, saving millions of dollars. These savings have allowed GRU to begin enacting rate relief measures in a series of steps that will result in GRU returning to more competitive electric rates.

Among the most important components of this vision is to shape GRU’s leadership from the bottom up. We are empowering employees by providing everyone with opportunities to share their individual visions and concerns. These vital conversations have already led to cost saving efficiencies.

We are a community utility, and we remain steadfastly dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in our community. Our charge is to restore GRU to a position of preeminence with the understanding that our success directly affects our community’s successes.

As we improve – by lowering rates, enacting efficiencies, and engaging with our customers – the pride shared among our employees will spread to our community and beyond.

Ed Bielarski