GRU Annual Report


Executive Team

Edward Bielarski
General Manager for Utilities

Walter Banks
Chief Information Officer

Thomas R. Brown
Acting Chief Operating Officer

Michelle Smith Lambert
Acting Chief Change Officer

Justin Locke
Chief Financial Officer

Leadership Team

Gary Baysinger
Acting Energy Delivery Officer

David E. Beaulieu
Advisor to the General Manager

Yvette Carter
Community Relations Director

Margaret A. Crawford
Communications Director

Anthony Cunningham
Acting Water/Wastewater Officer

Cheryl McBride
Human Resources Director

David E. Owens
Compliance Officer

David M. Richardson
Advisor to the General Manager

William J. Shepherd
Chief Customer Officer

Dino De Leo
Acting Energy Supply Officer

J. Lewis Walton
Chief Business Services Officer

Gainesville City Commission

(from left to right) Craig Carter, Randy Wells, Harvey Budd, Mayor Ed Braddy, Helen Warren, Charles Goston, Todd Chase